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Q&A: How do I connect a microphone to my desktop computer to use for online karaoke?

April 20th, 2011 3 Comments

Inquiry bу dan s: Hοw ԁο I join a microphone tο mу desktop computer tο υѕе fοr online karaoke?
I want tο hook up a microphone fοr online karaoke. I bουɡht a 1/4 tο 1/8 adapter frοm radio shack tο hook a ordinary microphone tο thе microphone jack іn thе back οf thе computer, bυt I ɡеt nο sound. Dοеѕ thіѕ need software οr a driver fοr a microphone? HеƖр please.

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Anѕwеr bу pimf
Thаt ѕhουƖԁ work, bυt thе mic mау nοt bе ехсеƖƖеnt sufficient tο transmit sound.

Jυѕt bυу a regular mic frοm Best Bυу οr something-ѕο low-cost now.

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Having fun аt Karaoke іn аn Irish bar іn Brasov!

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3 Comments to “Q&A: How do I connect a microphone to my desktop computer to use for online karaoke?”

  1. jingersnaps says:

    You may need to go into your compy and manually set the microphone volume. “unmute” it. Go to initiation menu, search, then volume. If that doesn’t work then you need a pre-amp which you can find in an audio interface at A pre-amp goes between the microphone and the computer to boost the indicate.

  2. Likini Solutions says:

    Most computers use an Electric Condenser microphone, this requires a small voltage which is provided by the computers sound card and produces an amplified indicate. It’s likely that the microphone you have won’t provide a sufficient level to do this.

    You could try feeding the microphone into a small mixing console, this will amplify the sound. The output from this might best be fed into the auxiliary sound input instead of the microphone input on sound card. An ancient amplifier or receiver might also be employed for the same task, you could use an RCA to 1/8 inch stereo cable for the final connection. This would probably work, though any electrical noise in the amplifier would get picked up by the computer.

  3. soundman_jaybee says:

    you can try out the troubleshooting guide here:
    follow the link to troubleshooting guide…
    Check whether you are using a dynamic or condenser/electret microphone. If it’s not dynamic then it will require ‘phantom power’ some microphones can use ordinary batteries for this – check out the guide on the same link higher than for ‘multi-track tape’ for using a condenser mic with a battery with your PC…
    It’s all down to what mic you’re using, contact me with the details for a fuller answer…

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